​* Polished Concrete Stain Removal - Using diamonds, we will mechanically scrub under the stain and remove it.  Once the stain has been removed, we apply 2 coats of Iron-Guard (or your specified polish guard material) and burnish it to a high gloss.

* General Scrub and Chemical Cleaning - Using auto scrubbers, we will deep scrub the surface of your concrete flooring with pads and chemicals.  Some floors simply have been covered in business debris and require a good scrubbing and cleaning to reveal themselves.

* Scuff and Buff - A low end method of cleaning the floor with commercial cleaners and pads/brushes, sealing with a topical acrylic floor sealer and then buffing it for added shine

*Clean and Seal - Also a lower end solution where the floor is cleaned with commercial cleaners prior to a sealer being applied to the surface.  The sealer may be a penetrating material which does not lay upon the surface yet dust proofs and hardens the floor. This creates a more matte appearance, perhaps, at best, a lite satin.

* Grind and Seal - A more aggressive form of floor cleaning and finishing where the floor is initially ground by machines carrying diamonds as their cutting tool. Once the surface has been mechanically abraided and the surface debris removed, (a color may be optionally added) we will seal the floor with either penetrating sealers or commercial acrylic coatings, depending on its projected uses. In this example of an 'industrial look', the floor was ground, dyed, a penetrating sealer added and the floor burnished for sheen


*Burnish to Gloss - Sealers, waxes and polished concrete flooring needs to be occasionally re-burnished in order to get rid of scuffs and small scratches. This gives floor a resilient shine and cleaner appearance. 

* Clean and "Iron-Guard, Stain Guard Protection" for Polished Concrete- Where stain guards have failed their environments, dirt will accumulate and no longer protect from staining.  We can offer either industry standard stain guard materials or a special stain guard which resists staining from materials generally found in the food service and medical industries. (See sample)

***We can also provide a turn key service of installing polished concrete floor finishes and include these enhanced stain sealers as your final finish.

* Clean and "Iron-Guard, Stain Guard Protection" for Terrazzo flooring - This is a major change in maintenance for terrazzo flooring.  Where waxing and stripping was the standard maintenance cycle, new high performance sealers have been developed which require NO STRIPPING, lasts up to 8X that of wax installations, are "green" in their chemical makeup and are much faster to maintain at a greatly reduced cost.

* Forever Floor -STOP WAXING, STOP STRIPPING, Replace waxing with high performance, urethane enhanced floor chemistry.  These materials last up to 8X longer than wax, never yellow, never require any stripping of old coatings - (which always introduces toxins into the environment) - and reduces overall cost due to extending the need for overcoating.  These materials are California CARB Certified.

* Sweating Slab Syndrome Solutions - Floors, during certain times of the year can sweat, creating very dangerous safety issues.  This comes from a poor mix in the initial installation of the concrete slab.  Too much salt near the surface reacts with the humidity in the room, causing it to settle and condense. This creates very dangerous situations with water suddenly appearing on the surface of the flooring. Our team has successfully stopped this from re-occurring in over hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete flooring.  All results may vary and we recommend a sample be tried prior to the full project to ensure success.

* A Complete Suite of Polished Concrete Services

     - Basic cleaning and re-burnishing
     - Polished Concrete Installation
     - Stain removal
     - Sealing and seal maintenance
     - Iron-Guard, stain guard protection

RECOMMENDATIONSBased solely uponYOUR SPECIFIC WEAR AND TEAR, we will recommend the concrete maintenance services required to keep your investment looking great.

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