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Cleaners and Maintenance Products for Concrete Flooring 

- First, lets be honest, ask a few questions......

     - What kind of concrete floors are these? Are they sealed, polished?  If so, how? How can I tell?

     - What if my floor has a sealer upon it?  How can we clean it without ruining the coating itself?

     - Are they being maintained today?  How is that working out? Interested in seeing an improvment?

     - What qualities should you be looking for in a concrete floor maintenance specialist?

     - What makes some concrete floor cleaners/maintainers better than the rest? 

- Answers:

     - Talk to a professional, 770-908-3333.  A lot can be learned in a few minutes, on the phone.

     - Superior results often come down to a mixture of an enhanced chemical knowledge and skilled technique.

     - Concrete pros have worked with a wide range of sealers and know what it takes to remove and lift debris from various surfaces.

     - Be cautious. Neutral PH cleaners have previously been considered 'safe' for concrete flooring, yet do not clean well.

     - Avoid all solvent based cleaning materials such as 'orange peel' cleaners or even Pine-Sol. (the 'Sol' in Pine Sol is solvent)

     - Avoid using 'swiffers' as they contain chemicals which can harm concrete floors​ and even re-emulsify some sealers.

     - We have seen contractors recommending the use of diamond coated "twister pads" for cleaning.  "Twister Pads" are maintenance pads placed on auto scrubbers and floor burnishers.  Used as directed, even though they may improve overall shine via the buffing out of scratches, they also can grind the dirt into the floor and do less in actual cleaning.   Over time, the floor looks drab again.

​     - Some folks are using cleaners for coatings placed on their concrete.  If the wrong cleaner is used, each time the floor is cleaned, a little bit of the floor may dissolve. Over time, the sealer disappears and the floor looks poorly.  You need to match your maintenance to the material !


We can provide a full on-site solution or match you and your team to the right materials. Either way...., rest assured, your immediate and long range concrete floor maintenance needs can now be correctly & properly met. 

Call today: 770-908-3333

Learn about a couple of our beneficial and industry beating solutions: 

Perfect Purple- A certified "green" solution for cleaning and maintaining standard warehouse flooring and polished concrete without added stain guards.   Used in conjunction with our diamond encrusted cleaning pads, your floors will never look better. Click here to learn more.

Iron-GuardA certified "green" solution for enhancing the appearance,stain resistance and safety underfoot of Polished Concrete Flooring. A Polished Concrete "stain guard" that REALLY WORKS!  Click here to learn more.

Forever Floor - NEVER STRIP/WAX AGAIN !!!  A unique, state of the art, 2-part sealer and floor finish that is many more times more durable than standard floor finishes while remaining highly chemical resistant. When properly maintained, Forever Floor will greatly extend the time between recoat and maintenance cycles.  For use on VCT, sealed wood, synthetic terrazzo, vinyl flooring, and decorative concrete.  Available in either MATTE or HIGH GLOSS.  Rapid ROI and elimination of endless cycles of stripping and reapplication of traditional "wax" solutions. Meets Coefficient of friction ASTM Designation D-2047, meets CARB VOC reqirements of less than 1% by weight or less than 10 grams per liter.

COMING SOON:Trade Show Floor Rejuvenator = Specially formulated for autoscrubbers. Repeated use of Trade Show Floor Rejuventor keeps floors clean while continually improving their look and shine without the need for buffing or burnishing.  Trade Show Floor Rejuvenator will also clean off glue left by carpet tape and tradeshow installations when used along with our "Crunchy" Diamond Maintenance pads. Ask how Trade Show Rejuvenator can put a new shining "face" on your facility.

Concrete Floor Maintenance