PERFECT PURPLE - The long term maintenance solution for both standard warehouse concrete flooring and polished concrete floors - such as those found in 'Home Depot' type and other 'big box' stores.

"Is this really just an unpolished warehouse floor maintained with a few ounces of Perfect Purple in an floor scrubber?"...

WHY, YES, IT IS !!!!

Perfect Purple is a commercial cleaner and maintenance liquid, added into standard floor scrubbers which is safe for daily cleaning.  Regular use of Perfect Purple will significantly enhance your concrete flooring. These are actual photos of warehouse floors being maintained with Perfect Purple.

Perfect Purple is a "certified green" material. It cleans, protects, hardens and beautifies your concrete flooring with repeated use.

Consider this: Superior Cleaning Capabilities
Why do commercial concrete cleaners not live up to their claims?

     First of has a lot to do with basic Chemistry.

     For a long time, it was believed, to not hurt your concrete, you need to use 'neutral' cleaners. Although this is basically true, they also cannot clean your floor properly.  Here is why....

Neutral cleaners are rated a "7" on the PH scale, the midpoint between acid and alkaline.  The PH of concrete, however, IS NOT a "7".

Concrete is more alkaline. Concrete has a ph of around 10.  Cleaners which raise the chemistry of the cleaning solution to 10 or higher (as Perfect Purple does) break down the embedded dirt better than less effective neutral cleaners.  Additionally, elements of the Perfect Purple formula will lift and suspend dirt, allowing debris to now be removed effectively.  See the difference.  The camera doesn't lie!

In Addition: Protection !
Perfect Purple as a part of your maintenance program, replaces vital elements which are lost due to daily wear and tear.  Remember.... EVERYTHING WEARS.....

Repeated and regular use of
Perfect Purple will positively alter the appearance of the concrete slab. It will become shiny and harder. It will mark less and will become even more resistant to staining. Even Standard, non-polished, 'steel troweled' floors begin to look 'polished' as seen in these photos.

When combined with our fully encrusted diamond maintenance pads, dirt will no longer build up on this surface.  Your floors will continue to improve and look great!

Perfect Purple can also be used for either routine cleaning, conditioning & gloss restoration of polished concrete floorsor to restore gloss to a deeply soiledpolished concrete floor. Perfect Purple is "perfect" for all concrete floors currently not utilizing a "stain guard" protection system.

Perfect Purple is Available in Gallon Jugs, 5 Gallon twin packs and Tote sizes.


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This is an example of a typical warehouse floor where 'Perfect Purple' is part of its regular maintenance program





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                     Before                                                        After

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