Iron Guard Maintainer

Iron Guard Maintainer is a concentrated product utilizing Iron Guard micro polymer technology in a detergent system, formulated to clean and rejuvenate IRON GUARD protected polished concrete surfaces.

Iron Guard Maintainer works simultaneously in 3 ways:

     * It cleans the floor

     * It Hardens the finish

     * It brightens the gloss

- Slip resistance and and safety are also improved with routine use of Iron Guard Maintainer

Placed into a standard autoscrubber, along with our cleaning pads, the daily wear and tear of your floors will be greatly extended.  Remember... EVERYTHING WEARS and needs to be maintained. EVEN POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS... Eventual re-coating, however, DOES NOT require any stripping.  NEVER Strip floors again ! Clean, scuff and overcoat, then burnish for continual shine and durability.  Iron Guard Maintainer is a "game changer" for owners of polished concrete floors who seek a maintained high gloss, highly stain resistant end result.


Iron Guard is a High Gloss Protective Micro Guard for direct to concrete application and can be applied over most inferior stain guard systems

Iron Guard enhances appearance, resisting stains from a wide range of food and medical products which ruin virtually every other polished concrete stain guard found across the entire industry.

Ever wonder why grocery store floors stain so easily?  Iron Guard will significantly reduce staining and awkward appearances in polished concrete. It also increases safety underfoot.

Designed to form a durable high gloss protective micro-finish on and in polished concrete, Iron Guard develops rapid hardness, scratch, scuff and water resistance, unlike concrete polish "guard" products currently on the market, which are water sensitive and require 7-14 days to develop properties.

Iron Guard provides outstanding floor protection and appearance over extended periods of time, providing savings in labor and materials. 

​Iron Guard exceeds the Coefficient of Friction safety standards of ASTM Designation D-2047 and is a CERTIFIED GREEN product!

The "​Iron-Guard" System

Ultimate Concrete Stain Protection and Maintainer

Concrete Floor Maintenance



Finally!, A Polished Concrete Stain Guard that REALLY WORKS !

Designed for the rigors of Food and Medical Industries

How do you maintain and extend the re-coating cycles of your Iron Guard protected concrete flooring?