Polished Concrete Atlanta


Founded: 2012

General Manager: Gary Damm


Areas of expertise:  Concrete Floor Finishes. Consultation/Remediation/Maintenance 

Company Profile

Say hello to your new floor... (Again!)

The Blue Book

Marietta, GA


Our Parent Company is the only 5 star "CONTRACTOR RATED" sub in the metro Atlanta region.  We strive for excellence and our contractors can always count on a quality return for their investment.  http://www.thebluebook.com/iProView/1108208

Awards & Recognition

Marietta Daily Journal


Clients chose an eco-friendly concrete flooring system for their home over traditional floor finish choices.  Learn why.

Better Business Bureau


As a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau, our Parent company maintains an A+ rating and has for many, many years.

Concrete Floor Maintenance



Floors looking drab?  Stains got ya feeling down?  Dust a problem?  Floor Sweating a safety concern ? Unsure of how to maintain your concrete floor finishes? Call us. We are the pros who understand the technoloy and techniques behind proper concrete floor maintenance. 

Our goal is to help keep your concrete floor finishes looking fantastic for many, many years. Have dull epoxy floors? Stained concrete floors? Polished concrete looking cloudy? Maintenance is the solution.  Not just any maintenance.... Proper maintenance....We’ll guide you through the decisions and create a custom plan for your specific needs.