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Sweating Concrete Floors

A huge safety issue - NO MORE !

Concrete Floor Maintenance Misconceptions

The goal of a maintenance program is to match the floor to proper techniques and materials in order to ensure a long productive life.  A typical project includes these services:

"LEED" with Green 

End Toxic Stripping and rewaxing with High Performance Solutions

* Concrete Floors Require No Maintenance

     - Not true! everything wears over time due to traffic and abrasion. Without proper maintenance, floors will wear out sooner than later.  Basic maintenance will greatly extend its usable lifespan. Get your customized maintenance plans today

Experience makes the difference. We hire experts from within the maintenance industry with an eye for detail. Those who share our passion for excellence. Your project manager will oversee the project from initial consultation to final installation and hand off. We don’t rest until you’re delighted.


New Life 4 Terrazzo

Grinding and sealing terrazzo floors with high performance solutions. 8X better than wax, no toxins!

* Sweating Slab Syndrome is just a ventilation issue.       

     - Not true! It has little to do with how clean your floors are. It has much more to do with salts in the slab drawing moisture to the surface and condensing into water.  We grind and apply chemicals ending this from re-occurring.

Who would you want handling your concrete floor/VCT maintenance?

# A company rooted in many years and hundreds of thousands of feet of actual concrete floor grinding, polishing and finishing installations? 

# The one specifically certified in concrete floor and polished concrete restoration?

# One who can end toxic VCT stripping forever


# The Janitorial service


  • Site Visit / Consultation / Demos
  • Finish & material selection
  • Coordination of Services
  • Ongoing Care documentation
  • End-to-end project management

* Cleaning Staffs understand the nuances and complexity of maintaining concrete flooring.

     - Not true!  Most are unaware of how to maintain these hard surfaces.  Janitorial companies may attempt to wax over concrete floors, polished concrete surfaces, epoxy or even urethane coatings. some use solvents to clean them or improper cleaning pads.  In the end, the lack of knowledge and application causes floors to become dull and lifeless.

* Stripping and Re-Applying Wax is the only way to maintain VCT flooring. Toxic chemicals are just part of the solution.

     - Not true! Stop Stripping, Walk away from wax. Recent Advances in Hybrid High Performance Chemistry lasts 8x longer and when eventually re-applied, DOES NOT require toxic stripping & ONLY requires a single overcoat vrs 3-4 coats of wax.

The Missing Link! 

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